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Bulgarian socialist party: “we support Ukraine war neutrality”

I wish a long life and a job well done to the 49th National Assembly. The Bulgarian society wants to have stability and security. This is our common task, it cannot continue like this any longer. We are in a severe political and institutional crisis, inflation, poverty, social tension and risk for parliamentary democracy,” said BSP leader Kornelia Ninova from the parliamentary rostrum.

According to her, the National Assembly should be the solution to the problems, not part of them.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will make efforts to make this happen. We will focus on 5 issues – adoption of Budget 2023, Mr. President, you made a big mistake by refusing to introduce a budget last year. Adoption of a social budget is a priority. The second issue is the activation of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, the third fight against corruption and judicial reform,” added Kornelia Ninova.

She called for Schengen efforts to be united.

The fifth issue is related to war and peace, BSP is for Bulgaria‘s neutrality regarding the war in Ukraine, against military support and manpower, for a peaceful solution with a diplomatic approach. To fulfill all this, a functioning parliament and a regular government are needed, the decision is here in this hall, the responsibility lies with the first – first, but not enough,” Ninova added.

Source: novinite

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