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Greg Norman Issues Subtle Threat to Rory Mcilroy

Norman spoke with in January for an interview that was published on Friday. The LIV Golf CEO discussed a range of subjects, including McIlroy’s comments in November that Norman needs to leave LIV.

Norman said he thought McIlroy has been prompted by other people to criticize Norman and LIV Golf.

“I think he was told to say that,” Norman told “They’re going to try to throw as much as they possibly can at you and try to undermine you, whichever way they can. All due respect, but Rory doesn’t know anything about LIV. He knows something about the PGA Tour. He sits on the PAC (Player Advisory Council). But Rory doesn’t know what he’s talking about with LIV because he doesn’t know the facts.”

Norman then issued his subtle threat to McIlroy, implying that things might not go so well for the golfer in court.

“And if he wants to throw out a comment like that — I’ve always been a fan of Rory’s, but my advice to him would be to just sit back, just take stock, watch what happens and watch what you say. Because in the end, there may be a situation where he’ll be asked a few questions that he may not want to answer because of the way he’s come out and been vocal on that front.”

LIV Golf is engaged in a legal battle with the PGA Tour. McIlroy is among the figures who received a subpoena over the lawsuit, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Source: MSN

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