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As the White Tie, 18th Birthday Gala Nears, Prince Christian of Denmark Prepares to Make His Broadcast TV Debut

Prince Christian of Denmark’s 18th white tie birthday gala is fast becoming the soirée to end all soirées –despite not having taken place yet. All hands are on deck to ensure it runs to plan. Indeed, even a television programme – recorded yesterday – is set to be broadcast to coincide with the royal heir’s milestone day. The show will air on the 14 October, a day before the early-anticipated white tie bash held in honour of the future king on the Sunday.

The Danish Royal Family uploaded a series of photographs to Instagram, teasing what to expect from the upcoming programme. Prince Christian is seen in a recording studio, speaking into a microphone. The next image shows him in a car with his dad Prince Frederik of Denmark. They are also photographed on the balcony of the Folketing, the Danish parliament, where he is undoubtedly soaking up the inner-mechanics of how his country’s government operates. Prince Frederik and his wife Princess Mary were seen earlier this week at the annual state opening of parliament, where they gathered with Christian’s grandmother, Queen Margrethe II. The photo series concludes with a dashing portrait of the soon-to-be 18-year-old prince.

The caption for the post, translated from Danish, says that Prince Christian is taking part in the various aspects of Danish society which are reflected in the Constitution. ‘Prince Christian has taken his father on the tour, which takes Their Royal Highnesses past the Parliament, a ministry, the Supreme Court, the church and the defence,’ it reads.

Preparations for Prince Christian’s white tie gala are very much underway – it is set to be a who’s who of all biggest royal names through Europe. Notably, Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon and his 19 year old daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra will be in attendance. The Prince’s godparents Prince Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel of Sweden will also be present. It has been rumoured that there is a flirtation between Prince Christian and the Italian Princess Maria Chiara di Borbone-Two Sicilies after they were photographed together at the Monaco Grand Prix in June of this year, so it is thought she may well be at the event.

Prince Christian will also make an appearance with his grandmother on the royal balcony – it is set to be an 18th birthday party to remember.

Source : TATLER

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