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Bondora Unveils New Broker Partnership in Finland

Bondora has announced a new broker partnership in Finland, which it said will enable it to scale its credit services in the country.

The European peer-to-peer lending platform has unveiled a tie-up with Zmarta, which it calls “one of Finland’s most prominent broker companies”.

“This collaboration expands our loan partner network, which enables us to scale our credit services and ensure our Finnish customers can easily find loan offers that suit their needs,” Bondora said.

“Zmarta’s years of expertise and market presence make them an ideal partner. Their deep understanding of the market and commitment to exceptional customer service add value to this partnership.”

The new broker partnership was announced as part of a round-up of highlights from the second quarter of 2023.

Bondora had a busy second quarter, having reopened its Go & Grow auto-invest account to all investors and increased the monthly investment limit on that product from €400 (£343) to €700.

In its newest market, The Netherlands, loan originations hit €1.83m in May – the first time Bondora had originated over €1m in that country in a month. This was followed by €2.87m originated in June, which is its highest monthly volume to date.

Bondora’s third quarter has got off to a slightly less stellar start, as it has been told by the Estonian regulator this month that there are deficiencies in its credit assessment processes.

The platform said it is “actively applying all necessary tweaks” and is “ready to refine responsible lending principles with the entire market and will implement all required changes by 9 August 2023.”

Source : P2P

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