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Bulgarian workers had the lowest EU net annual incomes in 2022

In 2022, the net annual earnings of an average single worker without children were 26 136 euro in the European Union, ranging from 8 412 euro in Bulgaria to 47 640 euro in Luxembourg, EU statistics agency Eurostat said on April 14.

Eurostat said that in 2022, the same two EU member states recorded the lowest (9547 euro) and the highest (63 825 euro) average net earnings, respectively, for a married couple with a single earner and two children 

In the case when both partners of a married couple work (both earning an average worker’s earnings), Luxembourg recorded the highest annual net earnings, both when the couple had two children (104 771 euro) and when the couple had no children (97 157 euro).

Bulgaria recorded the lowest net earnings for couples with two children (17 744 euro) or none (16 824 euro).

The average hourly labour cost last year was 30.5 euro in the EU, ranging from 8.2 euro in Bulgaria to 50.7 euro in Luxembourg, Eurostat said.

Source: sofiaglobe

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