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CakeBoxx launches in Denmark

USA-based CakeBoxx Technologies has established an operating company in Denmark.

Based in Aarhus, the Danish branch will expand CakeBoxx’s platform equipment business with a particular focus on the renewable energy industry.

CakeBoxx officially launched its platform business in 2014 when it announced the TrusDek series of customised, strong, intermodal-compatible platforms and decks for heavy and oversized cargo, as HLPFI reported here.

This was followed by platforms for high-value turbines, such as those for aerospace as well as for onshore and offshore wind. These platforms are capable of handling cargoes up to 250 tons (227 tonnes). CakeBoxx then introduced platforms focused on onshore and offshore wind in 2019.

Following the announcement of its smart container partnership with NALEJ Corporation in October 2022 and the integration converged networking and cloud computing, CakeBoxx said that it has evolved from specialised platforms for renewable energy and regenerative food systems to smart and intelligent transportation platforms for 3PLs and global systems integrators.

CakeBoxx added: “With the innovation in and utilisation of green steel and green aluminium, and rapid developments in automation, artificial intelligence, and supply chain visibility software, CakeBoxx Technologies is becoming world-renowned for its systems integration and product development that enables global multinational customers to improve specialised cargo performance and profitability while also delivering critical sustainability goals.”

CakeBoxx Technologies ceo, Daine Eisold, said: “Over the past 24 months, our multinational customers have been asking for enhanced visibility, carbon monitoring, measurement, and tracking to be integrated into their most valuable shipping, intermodal and transloading systems.

“With the formation of CakeBoxx Technologies, ApS, we will now embark on applying our supply chain systems engineering and platforms expertise to smart containers and connected, digital 3PL platforms to enhance supply chain sustainability, velocity, and delivery.”

Source: heavyliftpfi

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