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Cold weather making a comeback

The first week of the new year is expected to bring more snow and temperatures as low as -20C in southern Finland.

Central and northern parts of Finland can expect temperatures to fall quickly over the next few days, according to Yle Meteorologist Elias Paakkanen. In the south of the country, chillingly low temperatures are expected by the end of the week.

In the south and southwest, temperatures will be around zero Celsius early in the week, but Central Finland will see the mercury drop as far as to -15C on Tuesday and Wednesday, while temperatures of -15C to -20C are in the forecast for the north, Paakkanen noted.

Snowfall this week will be mostly concentrated in southern parts of the country.

“In central and northern areas, it will be mostly cloudy and dry. On the other hand, a band of precipitation is approaching from the southwest, which will reach the southwestern part of the country during Monday evening. The precipitation will be mainly snow, but initially it can also rain. There is still uncertainty about the extent of the area,” Paakkanen explained.

Snowfall will start in the south on Monday night and continue through until Wednesday.

By the end of the week, it will be well worthwhile bundling up, as temperatures are forecast to fall to as low as -20C, even in southern Finland.

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