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Commander Strategic Command meets senior personnel in Finland

As part of the visit various discussions were held relating to Strategic Command’s priorities of leading cyber, driving integration and supporting campaigning.

Developing the bilateral relationship between Finland and the UK is a key priority, alongside the work of the Joint Expeditionary Force, and the benefits of closer collaboration as NATO members.

General Hockenhull met with General Timo Kivinen, Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, to brief on the work of Strategic Command sharing more about current activity within the cyber and electromagnetic domain and the importance of identifying talent and developing our personnel’s skills.

The role of multi-domain integration across Defence was also discussed, focusing on the benefits it offers in improving efficiency and effectiveness of active operations.

Speaking on the visit General Hockenhull said:

It was a pleasure to meet and share ideas with the Finnish defence leaders in their home country.

At Strategic Command we know how important relationships with ally nations are. The strength of these partnerships directly reflects the strength of our response to threats from malicious actors.

Source: Gov.UK

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