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CPH Airport has high hopes for 2023 as passengers return

In related news, Iceland airline Play is set to open very affordable routes from Denmark to North America this summer

It seems that the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on travel has been subsiding considerably in recent months.

A new report from Copenhagen Airport has revealed that it saw 22.1 million passengers in 2022 – over 80 percent of passengers that passed through the airport before the pandemic hit.

It’s also a doubling of the 9.1 million passengers that travelled through the airport in 2021.

“The busy and expectant daily grind is back in the terminals – especially in regards to trips in Europe,” said Peter Krogsgaard, Copenhagen Airport’s commercial head.

“The winter months are traditionally quieter, but we expect a spring and summer with even more passengers than in 2022.”

Spain leads the way
The busiest day of last year was July 27, when 89,000 travellers moved through the airport. The lowest daily figure occurred during the Omikron outbreak on January 18, when just 16,000 people passed through.

In total, 59 airlines flew to 160 destinations in 2022 – new airlines to give Copenhagen a try included Nice Air (Iceland), Sky Express (Greece) and Montenegro Air. 

Trips to Spain accounted for most passengers at Copenhagen Airport last year – 2,221,530 passengers or 10 percent of all travellers.

The UK came second with just over 2 million passengers, followed by Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey, the US and Greece. 

On a tear in Toronto
Speaking of destinations, Iceland budget airline Play has announced that it will open new routes to Canada from Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Billund.

The routes will include a stopover in Reykjavik on their way to John C Munro Hamilton International Airport in Toronto.

The routes are scheduled to open on June 22 and include affordable ticket prices as low as 1,000 kroner.

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