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Denmark supports Philippines in complying with European Maritime standards

Denmark’s government recently expressed its admiration to the Philippines’ decision in complying with the standards of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

On behalf of the country, the Danish Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin shared in an interview with The Manila Times that “Denmark is very, very happy with Filipino maritime professionals, and it will be a very great loss to the industry and the Philippines if that is not an option anymore.”

In addition, he said, “European certification is the worldwide certification; it’s the standard. Filipinos are not going anywhere else if it drops out of the system. So, that’s a very, very important issue.”

During the ASEAN-EU Special Summit, which was held in Brussels, Belgium in the beginning of December 2022, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines met several European shipping companies, reported Manila Bulletin.

He made a commitment that the country will comply with European standards by resolving the deficiencies in the Philippine maritime education system.

The commitment is a “very welcome development,” said Ambassador Mellbin, as Danish shipping companies are one of the major employers of Filipino mariners.

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