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F-16 Training Center for Ukrainian Pilots Opens in Romania

Angel Tilvar and his Dutch counterpart Kajsa Ollongren inaugurated the center at the “Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociornita” air base. The EFTC will serve as an international hub for F-16 pilot training and boost interoperability between allies.

The training center will prepare Romanian pilots as well as pilots from allied and partner countries, including Ukraine. Under a cooperation agreement, the Romanian Defense Ministry provided the air base, the Netherlands contributed F-16 aircraft, and Lockheed Martin company supplied instructors and maintenance.

Ukrainian pilots are expected to undergo approximately six months of training at the Fetesti facility. The EFTC will enable Ukraine to build expertise in operating the F-16 as part of its air force capabilities.

On 25 October, Ukrainian pilots started training on F-16 fighter jets at an air base in Arizona, the United States, the US Air Force spokesperson reported.

Source : Euromaidan Press

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