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Finnish instructors teach Ukrainian border guards battlegroup command

Officers of the Volyn Border Guard Detachment of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) completed the training course in battlegroup command. Finnish instructors conducted the course for them.

SBGS reported this, Ukrinform says.

“During two weeks of intensive training, Finnish instructors trained border guards to command a unit in combat. The main training goal was to teach border guards to make analytical decisions based on existing or new facts. Under the guidance of Finnish reserve officers and senior officers, Ukrainian soldiers learned to analyze the situation on the battlefield from the commander’s point of view, to give clear and understandable orders according to the situation. The border guards, along with other soldiers, also mastered leadership skills through practical training,” the message says.

Retired Finnish army colonel Erik Leppäjärvi, who taught the battlegroup command course, said that when he met Ukrainian border guards on the first day at the training ground, they looked like Finnish recruits. But over time, Ukrainians showed progress. Now they are real commanders. In Finland, one would never have become an officer if one had not been a soldier before. If you know what it is like to serve as a soldier, you can be an officer, because you will know how to command soldiers, Finnish army colonel added.

The training participants received certificates of successful battlegroup command course completion.

“The skills acquired by the border guards are extremely valuable, as the training differs from Ukrainian military training standards. It allows them to borrow the experience of their foreign colleagues,” SBGS emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, Ukrainian border guards are adopting the experience of their foreign colleagues at the Canine Center of the Spanish Civil Guard.

Source: ukrinform

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