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How to get a quota for studying at Russian universities?

Every year, Tajikistan receives quotas for education from Russia, and every year more and more of them are issued. This year the Russian Federation allocated 902 seats. Last year there were 750 of them. We talked about everything related to education in Russian universities with the head of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tajikistan, Ivan Ivanov.

– What is the purpose of Russia conducting quota campaigns, providing foreign students with free study places?

– What is a quota (quota place)? Speaking in Russian, this is the money that the government allocates for one person, that is, for his education in the Russian Federation. There are many universities in different regions, and each has its own rates, but on average it is about a quarter of a million rubles. This year, Tajikistan leads in terms of the number of quotas received against the backdrop of Vietnam, China and Belarus. 

The name “Quota Campaign” is greatly simplified and according to the documents everything sounds much more complicated. The idea itself comes from the times of the USSR, when many countries were a single state and quota places were allocated for foreigners and residents of remote corners of a huge country so that they would receive an education, study the Russian language and, being specialists, return to their homeland to raise the economy.

Head of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tajikistan Ivan Ivanov on the air of Asia-Plus radio
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Often we are asked questions about whether there are any scholarships, grants, assistance in resolving issues with the hostel. Yes, colleges with dormitories have good reduced rates, for example $150 for accommodation. But here again it all depends on the university, the city and the region. 

And the size of the minimum scholarship depends on how you study, in which university and in which specialization. 

Regarding the possibility of introducing grant support. Perhaps in the future, we will switch to comprehensive support for students. Already today, in addition to education, Tajik students receive good scholarships. In some universities, the amount reaches tens of thousands of rubles.

Who can get a quota, how and where to take the exams?

– Who is entitled to a quota place?

– Tajiks need to register for their internal passport – this is a direct way for everything to go well. But if there is a Russian passport with a residence permit, this will become clear and become a problem for the applicant. And you can have a Russian passport while permanently residing in Tajikistan – dual citizenship in Tajikistan is officially supported, it is legal.

– And what are the most demanded faculties and directions?

– According to annual observations, these are still technical areas. IT is very popular, something related to digital technologies, as well as architecture, construction, and the most difficult in terms of competition and struggle is the medical field. 

– What do you need to do to take part in the quota campaign?

– Due to the many questions asked, we have created a selection of links. We have a telegram channel “Russian House in Tajikistan”, and there we made a visualization in the form of cards, there is a video showing where to click with the mouse (it is also on YouTube and in our social networks). 

We also give face-to-face consultations, which can be received daily on weekdays from 15:00 in our center in Dushanbe at the address: st. Academician Radjabov, 9/1; and in Khujand at the address: I. Somoni Avenue, 52. 

There we show and tell everything in a very clear and accessible way. We are waiting for everyone, as registration is already underway and will last until February 20. Please go and register on the website, upload your profiles to your personal account and follow the status. 

The first step is registration, and after filling out the questionnaire, its status shows that it is being checked by the RZU (a Russian foreign institution, that is, Rossotrudnichestvo), then the applicant receives a registration number. It looks like TJ- and a set of numbers, and then / 23 is the year. Under this number you will be further identified on the site, undergo testing and other procedures. 

And after checking by Rossotrudnichestvo, if everything is fine, the status “Checked” appears, and the applicant is allowed to test. By the way, it is desirable to register not from a mobile device, but from a PC. It will be easier and errors are unlikely to occur.

Testing is taking place online, which was launched in test mode last year. By the way, the entire verification procedure is carried out in Russia, and all questionnaires and databases are located in Moscow in the resources of the Ministry of Digital Development.

The database, with the guys who passed the exam, we send to Moscow to the Central Office. There, the base is formed into a single large package and transferred to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, where it is distributed electronically among those universities that the children choose. 

You can choose 6 universities by priority, and we advise that these be different cities and different regions. We all understand that Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan are the leading cities where everyone is trying to get to, but you should think about the fact that applicants from all over the world will go there and there will be less chances to enter.

How to take the exam and mistakes in filling out questionnaires

– Where and how to take exams?

– You need to take them on a computer online, preferably at home. 

To pass the tests, you must have a webcam for the proctoring system. Proctors make sure that applicants pass the test honestly, without using any cheat sheets. They observe through the camera so that there are no unnecessary eye movements of the test subject, unnecessary sounds and other factors indicating dishonest completion of tasks. 

If the applicant suddenly begins to move his eyes sharply, he first receives a warning message. 

– What if there are problems with the Internet?

– We understand that different countries have their own conditions, and someone does not even have a computer. Therefore, we are negotiating with partners to create external sites – classes with computers and the Internet, where applicants can come and take tests. When the dates of the exams are agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, we will inform you about the venues for taking them.

– What mistakes are made during online registration most often?

– First of all, you need to pay attention to the questions marked with an asterisk (required). There may also be errors in the form of a crookedly attached photo or a scan of a document that is not readable. 

A common problem is when guys confuse first and last names. The first name must be written as your personal name, and the second name of the father, that is, the surname. 

By the way, if at the time of passing the test, unforeseen circumstances occurred in the form of a power outage or something else, you must definitely contact the Russia House and report it. A screenshot can serve as evidence.

– How many entrance exams?

– There were two last year. If in a technical profession, then this is physics and mathematics; if medicine, then it is chemistry and biology; and in a large humanitarian cluster there can be history, economics, social studies, etc. 

And if the direction is creative, then the exams already need to be passed not in test mode, but come for an interview. Moreover, universities have their own procedures, even if you have passed the tests, eminent universities may be asked to speak before the commission. 

By the way, we hope that soon we will open creative workshops and free creative courses. For example, courses on drawing are opening soon together with the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and Design.

Who can be on the reserve?

– If a child enters, but he is expelled for various reasons, will he have to return the money?

– No, you shouldn’t. But it happens that a person has passed the entrance exams, but his plans have changed or there is no money for the trip (the quota does not cover them). By the way, some universities compensate for the cost of air tickets, but there are not many of them, you need to look at the information on the website of the university and talk with their international department or foreign dean’s office. 

So, if a person changed his mind, his parents did not let him go, or there was not enough money, then we ask him to write a refusal on the quota so that this place goes to someone else. For example, the guys from the reserve list, who lacked half a point to pass.

– And if it happens just before the start of the school year?

– We have reserve lists, so that not a single quota will be lost. 

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