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Mom Brings Unique Thrift Store Concept From Finland to Utah

SANDY, Utah — A thrifting concept from half a world away is catching on in Utah.

Satu Kujanpaa and her husband Josef visit their family in Finland frequently.

In Finland, they shop at thrift stores in which people rent a small booth and sell gently used clothing, accessories and home goods.

That is the concept they are bringing to the United States in their stores called “Preloved.

“It was things people knew had value in them. It was a much higher experience,” Satu Kujanpaa said of the experience compared to traditional thrift stores. “I brought that here and made it even better.”

The Kujanpaa’s now own several “Preloved” stores in Utah.

As a mom of six kids, Satu believes in the importance of pinching pennies – especially on clothing that kids grow out of quickly.

“For us it makes a huge difference,” she said.

Merchandise in the “Preloved” stores changes weekly.

Every Saturday morning, those who rent a booth for $25 set up their items and attach price tags.

Throughout the week, many booths offer sales – some items are discounted by as much as 90% by Friday.

After one week, a new batch of booths with different items is put in place.

Satu and her husband don’t just own the business. They buy and sell items to find good deals on clothing for their kids while making money on things they no longer need.

“I would rather spend on experiences over things,” she said. “As a family, we saved a lot by buying at Preloved. As we go into the school year, I purged all summer and we made $700 for a family vacation.”

In addition to the cost savings of thrifting, Satu believes cleaning out closets or storage comes with other benefits for an individual and the community.

“It’s sustainable living. It’s community knitting,” she said. “We buy from each other and support local families. In our homes, we find more peace if we aren’t surrounded by things we no longer need.”

Preloved stores can be found throughout northern Utah, Rexburg, ID and Houston, TX.

Source : Fox13

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