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NATO deploys additional forces to the northern Kosovo

NATO has deployed additional forces and patrols to the northern Kosovo, said the NATO peacekeeping command center in Kosovo, APA reports.

“We are carefully monitoring the situation in the north of Kosovo. NATO’s peacekeeping mission in Kosovo operates within the framework of UN Resolution No. 1244 of 1999,” it was said.

The statement noted that since October, the mission’s staff has been strengthened in the northern part of Kosovo, and additional forces and patrols have been deployed to the area this week.

“We expect all actors to coordinate with NATO and refrain from provocative displays of force and ensure the safety of all communities.

NATO will continue to fulfill the UN mandate for all communities in Kosovo. Solutions should be sought through dialogue,” the statement said.

Noted that the recent tension between the ethnic Serbs and the authorities in Kosovo has reached a dangerous level and Serbia has threatened to deploy troops to Kosovo.

The arrest of a former police officer suspected of terrorism is the main reason for recent Serb protests in northern Kosovo.

Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office accuses the former official of bombing the election commission building in North Mitrovica.

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