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ProCon Wind Energy to Play Central Role in Denmark’s Largest Wind Farm Project

ProCon Wind Energy announces its involvement in the construction of Denmark’s largest wind farm project. As a strong provider of comprehensive wind energy solutions, ProCon Wind Energy will be delivering the detailed electrical engineering, as well as facilitate the procurement and supply of electrical components for monopiles, suspended internal platforms (SIPs) and external platforms.

RWE’s Offshore Wind Farm, Thor, is located approximately 22 kilometres from Thorsminde on the west coast of Jutland and will be the largest concentration of Wind Turbines in Denmark with a remarkable capacity of 1 GW. The magnitude of this project is reflected in the substantial contract recently signed between ProCon Wind Energy and Dajin Offshore.

All ProCon’s construction activities will take place in Szczecin, Poland, but the final assembly and commissioning will occur in Denmark. To ensure the successful execution of these significant activities, ProCon Wind Energy will be responsible for the prefabrication and installation procedures, as well as undertake the cold commissioning process. Our team of exceptionally skilled Project Managers and technicians will provide comprehensive support in every aspect of the project, guaranteeing detailed documentation to fulfil the contractual obligations.

“We are immensely proud to be part of Denmark’s largest wind farm project,” said Claus Søgaard Poulsen, CEO at ProCon Wind Energy. ” With our expertise in electrical engineering and comprehensive supply chain management, we are fully committed to delivering outstanding results that align with our clients’ vision and contribute to the growth of renewable energy in Denmark.”

ProCon Wind Energy’s involvement in this historic wind farm project solidifies the company’s dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions and further solidifies the reputation as a trusted industry provider.

Source : 4C Offshore

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