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Quran Comes Under Yet Another Act of Desecration in Sweden

Salwan Momika, an Iraqi refugee based in Sweden, targeted the Quran on Monday in the capital Stockholm in yet another desecration of the Muslim holy book.

The attack on the Quran by Momika, who was assisted by Salwan Najem of Iraqi origin, took place in front of the parliament building in Stockholm.

Momika chanted anti-Islam slogans before stepping on the Quran and eventually burning a copy of it.

Momika and Najem, however, faced the reaction of a group of Swedish activists, who asked them to stop the provocative act.

The police, protecting the attackers, arrested one of the activists, who moved to thwart the attack.

Earlier, Momika burned the Quran under the protection of the police in front of the Stockholm Mosque on June 28, which coincided with the first day of Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday.

Recent months have seen repeated acts of Quran burning and desecration by Islamophobic figures or groups, especially in northern European and Nordic countries.

Source : Yeni Safak

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