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Tax Transparency in Finland: Find Out How Much Everybody Earns

Authorities in the Nordic nation have opened up the books on taxable income for everyone in the country as part of an annual event.

Imagine being able to find out how much money your colleagues earned – not just from their job, but from their side hustle or stocks and shares too. 

Now imagine you could find out that information for neighbours, friends, family, or even politicians, celebrities and other famous people in your country. 

That’s the reality in Finland, where 8 November is tax transparency day, and all the latest information on taxable incomes is published by the state for anyone to look at.

This year’s top earners in the Nordic nation were an entrepreneur, a timber producer, and a video games developer.

Wolt‘s Miki Kuusi is the biggest earner with €79 million. The food delivery company he founded in 2014 now operates in more than 20 European countries, and was sold to US firm Doordash in 2021. 

Second on the list is Pekka Kopra who formerly owned Versowood, Finland’s largest private sawn timber producer. The latest figures show he had a taxable income of almost €54 million. 

And in third place on the new list is Iilkka Paananen from gaming developer Supercell, which makes popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day and Clash Royale. Paananen earned a taxable income of almost €28.9 million last year. 

There are only six women represented in the top 50 highest earners. 

Former PM Sanna Marin’s income grew

The former prime minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, saw her taxable income grow during the past year. 

Marin stepped down as PM following elections in spring, and is now working for the Tony Blair Institute. She has also carved out a role internationally as a speaker, and recently signed with a US entertainment and talent agency to explore television, film and other branding opportunities. 

During 2022 Marin had a taxable income of more than €240,444. That’s up considerably from the year before when she earned almost €201,000. 

However her income is expected to be even higher for 2023 since she is now out of politics, and able to earn more as a private citizen.

Source : Euronews

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