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The Lume Traveler LT540 Nordic Offers Luxurious Mobile Living All Year Round

The Lume Traveler is arguably the prettiest travel trailer in the world, unofficially so. Similar to an Airstream with its all-aluminum body, it’s less shiny but boxier than its American counterpart. The reason why you have probably never heard of a Lume Traveler before is that it’s Dutch-made and, because of it, limited to the European market.

The Lume Traveler is also newer to the market than the iconic Airstream. The creation of designer Hein van de Laar, it came out some years ago as a solution for travelers looking to explore the great outdoors without ditching the comforts of their home. It’s mobile living that aims to feel less like mobile living and more like residential luxury. Whether it achieves that is, as the saying goes, a matter of perspective.

The Lume was introduced through the flagship model, the LT360 No.1, which is also the smallest and most compact. Essentially a weekend getaway trailer, it offers a chef’s kitchen in the tailgate and a king-size bedroom inside, with plenty of storage, plenty of premium materials, and the since-patented opening roof that allows for sleeping under the stars.

The second entry in the lineup is the larger LT540 No.1, which adds a small wet bathroom and more storage but keeps the kitchen outside. As of February 2022, travelers looking for the same thing from their outings as van de Laar (i.e., being out in nature without ditching comfort) can do so for extended periods with the four-season Lume Traveler LT540 Nordic.

According to the designer, any of these three models will get you to “Feel free” whenever you hit the road, but no other as much as the Nordic version, which was essentially conceived as a year-round solution. It’s large enough, insulated, and specced accordingly to offer the best experience in nature, whether in the coldest winter or on scorching summer days.

The Nordic trailer is 6.94 meters (22.8 feet) long, including the drawbar, 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) wide, and 2.7 meters (8.8 feet) high, including the canopy. Dry weight is 2,200 kg (4,850 lbs), with a maximum payload of 2,500 kg (5,511 lbs).

The Nordic shares the patented Lume Traveler features with its predecessors, including the drive rollers system that helps bring the trailer to the desired location at the press of a few buttons, the automated roof opening, and the combination of aluminum with natural, sustainable materials throughout.

It’s just larger, fancier, and more comfortable than the two other models that came out before it.

The Nordic rides on 16-inch wheels and a single axle and has thick, insulated floors and walls. The section of the roof that opens up is made of weather-proof canvas and is doubled by an insect screen. No matter how much you love star-gazing, you can’t possibly love being eaten alive by critters while you do it.

The interior is divided into a main sleeping area, which turns into the living area during the day, and two smaller sections – one for cooking and the other for the bathroom. Given the very compact footprint, you should really temper your expectations regarding the kind of luxury living the Nordic promises.

You will only get enough space for all the features and appliances, the basics in terms of comfort, and enough room to move around with some ease with another person occupying the same space. The luxury aspect of the Nordic comes via its elegant, minimalist design, the use of premium and sustainable materials (like wool for insulation, wood for the furniture, and felt storage pockets wherever possible), and the fact that it’s able to pack all the basics in spite of its small size.

Though the Nordic has been out for more than a year and a half, details on it remain scarce. Specifics like water tank capacity, autonomy at camp with the roof-mounted solar array, and kitchen equipment are not detailed on the official product page.

That said, previous models featured all the electronics and the water tanks under the bed, underneath a storage compartment. They also came with a Truma Combi heater and smart AC, a cassette toilet, and a full but very compact kitchen, including a two-burner gas cooker and a diminutive fridge. We reached out to Lume Traveler for more on this and will update the story as soon as we hear back.

The one thing that’s immediately clear about the Lume Traveler LT540 Nordic is that, like its older siblings, it was made to impress from the first time you lay eyes on it. This is a travel trailer that wants to get you interested in it for its looks – and hooked for its promise of absolute, nearly luxurious comfort at camp.

As for pricing, let’s just say that it’s on par with the promise the company makes. The Nordic starts at €114,950 ($121,800 at the current exchange rate), excluding extras like awnings and canvas walls, taxes, and delivery. For this kind of money, you’re guaranteed “a 1,000-star experience,” Lume Traveler says.

Source : AutoEvolution

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