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‘Watch What You Say’: Greg Norman Takes Several Shots at Rory Mcilroy During New Interview

From “exit stage left” to “he can’t do it himself,” Rory McIlroy hasn’t held back when asked about Greg Norman, CEO of the LIV Golf League.

McIlroy, the PGA Tour’s proverbial leader in the battle against the upstart circuit funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, has also received his fair share of shots along the way.

Most recently, Sergio Garcia claimed McIlroy’s lack of maturity led to their relationship going down the drain.

Pot, meet kettle.

Anyway, now it’s Norman’s turn to take a few cuts at the four-time major champion.

“All due respect, but Rory doesn’t know anything about LIV,” Norman said in a recent interview with “He knows something about the PGA Tour. He sits on the PAC (Player Advisory Council). But Rory doesn’t know what he’s talking about with LIV because he doesn’t know the facts. And if he wants to throw out a comment like that — I’ve always been a fan of Rory’s but my advice to him would be to just sit back, just take stock, watch what happens and watch what you say. Because in the end, there may be a situation where he’ll be asked a few questions that he may not want to answer because of the way he’s come out and been vocal on that front.”

McIlroy is scheduled to meet with the media ahead of next week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando. It’s safe to say he’ll be asked about Norman and Garcia’s comments.

If you’re interested, watch the full interview with Norman below:

Source: Sport.Yahoo

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